Castle Defense


Defend the castle and organize your attack



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Castle Defense is a real time strategy game containing many of the elements commonly found in 'tower defence' games. Players have to direct the defences of a human army which must stave off the attacks from the many orcs, goblins, ghosts and demons found in the area.

The campaign mode in Castle Defence has 15 separate levels, all drawn completely by hand, in which players must deploy their towers and other defensive elements. With the help of these defensive elements, and the hero himself (there are three characters to choose from), you must protect your empire from attack.

While the campaign mode comes with 15 unique scenarios, the challenge mode offers over 100 additional levels to demonstrate your skills on. During these levels, you will have to confront more than twenty different monsters, and defeat each of them using the eight different towers at your disposal.

Castle Defence is a fun strategy game, which also features some pretty nice graphics. Both the landscapes and the army units have been perfectly drawn by hand, giving a really appealing cartoon feel to the game.
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